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Everyone will get Lei'd at Tassieswingers Hawaiian Beach Party! What a summer treat it will be! NAKED HULA HOOP CHALLENGE - See details below to win this challenge. The event photos give some good ideas for dress but the minimum dress required is a Lei. If that's all you are wearing, we e…
199 days ago
10 minutes from Hobart GPO in a Hobart suburb., Hobart, Australia
SWINGOWEEN is here again in 2013!! Saturday 9th November 2013 is when Bad Boys and Wicked Girls will be ..... well you know .... BAD and WICKED! This party has a limit of 100 people so get in quick. The first 100 to register and pay will be the ones being Bad and Wicked at another super exciting T…
297 days ago
10 minutes from Hobart GPO in a Hobart suburb., Hobart, Australia
01.06.2014 02:38
Posted by tassieswingers
Have taken the featured photo block off the home page as a trial. It may have been causing excess processor usage and slowing down the website. Will give it a week and see how it goes.
07.06.2014 01:27
Posted by fitcouple93
Anybody around tonight or tomorrow? ;)
16.06.2014 05:34
Posted by tassieswingers
As a result of continued performance issues, we have reduced the number of allowed actions for most users. Sorry for the limits but we need to get good speed back on the website.
25.06.2014 23:19
Posted by fitcouple93
We will be having some fun on webcam tonight :) Let us know if you want to watch :) Add us on skype or we could even do it in the chatroom here? :) Let us know if your free for other stuff as well :)
26.06.2014 05:02
Posted by tassieswingers
The JOIN FORM is NOT WORKING - and some other parts of the site. Working on it and will post a message here when it is fixed
28.06.2014 14:48
Posted by tassieswingers
Have fixed the join form and other issues. It has taken a few days to fix this. Our apologies to those who tried to join in the last few days. Will respond to those who have emailed us individually but a BIG THANKS to thise who took the time to let us know there was a problem. We would give you free access but the website is completely free already!
29.06.2014 01:14
Posted by tassieswingers
The continuing saga of our chat room and video instant messaging to other members not working has been resolved again. Hopefully our server provider will keep things working reliably for a significant time. Let us know if video chat doesn't work.
08.07.2014 05:27
Posted by hobartswingers
is the email working? i can't seem to send a messsage
09.07.2014 03:59
Posted by tassieswingers
All messaging is working. Limit of 10 per day for couples at the moment to keep our processor load reasonable. Should be heaps for couples contacting other couples.Let us know if this is not the case and why.
09.07.2014 04:01
Posted by tassieswingers
the chat rooms are working for people who want more contact.
10.07.2014 02:52
Posted by taswingers
any couples or woman free and interested in some fun with us this weekend
11.07.2014 21:09
Posted by Mattd1
Single guy looking for fun, 28yo, fit, good looks, anytime. New at swinging. If your single lets hook up also;) look forward to hearing from you
24.07.2014 19:31
Posted by weloveitkinky
any launceston cpls have some free time tonight for a meet up / hook up :-) give us a wink
25.07.2014 23:05
Posted by Bottomlytots
Hello to everyone! Just checking in. Keep spreading that lovin energy!
01.08.2014 23:51
Posted by Tassieguy67
hello to all you sexy people, need to invent new ways to keep warm!!
07.08.2014 06:27
Posted by fitcouple93
would like to get to know more of you guys :) message us :)
10.08.2014 02:51
Posted by jumpinjackson
Available this week for some daytime Funtime meetings
12.08.2014 02:28
Posted by Dsizzle12
Tonight anyone?
18.08.2014 23:58
Posted by hobartcouple
Any ladies care to join me and my partner? Please don't be shy we don't bite... :) x
22.08.2014 04:33
Posted by devid
chat with me?
24.08.2014 20:52
Posted by Pebbles
Any couples looking for a third to play with after work this week? This lovely weather has me wanting to get naked :)
28.08.2014 19:26
Posted by hobartjc2012
hi all we a're chasing a bit male for play on Sat night inbox if keen
28.08.2014 19:26
Posted by hobartjc2012
bi not. bit
29.08.2014 01:51
Posted by taswingers
hi everyone looking to play with a couple or woman partner very keen to play first time message me if interested
29.08.2014 03:10
Posted by Ambdaz
looking for a guy for some fun this weekend. wanting mmf fun or just mm :)
30.08.2014 16:12
Posted by clhobart
Any couples or girls after a man to join in for some fun tonight? Message me if so :)
30.08.2014 20:02
Posted by devid
Any body up for a chat about there likes and dislikes?
31.08.2014 23:22
Posted by Ambdaz
anyone keen to hook up later tonight? looking for men
01.09.2014 05:19
Posted by smoker67
hey newby this site talk talk talk cause id rather play :) chatting boring who wants to hook up
01.09.2014 22:46
Posted by devid
message for a chat and see where it can lead
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