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Everyone will get Lei'd at Tassieswingers Hawaiian Beach Party! What a summer treat it will be! NAKED HULA HOOP CHALLENGE - See details below to win this challenge. The event photos give some good ideas for dress but the minimum dress required is a Lei. If that's all you are wearing, we e…
62 days ago
10 minutes from Hobart GPO in a Hobart suburb., Hobart, Australia
SWINGOWEEN is here again in 2013!! Saturday 9th November 2013 is when Bad Boys and Wicked Girls will be ..... well you know .... BAD and WICKED! This party has a limit of 100 people so get in quick. The first 100 to register and pay will be the ones being Bad and Wicked at another super exciting T…
160 days ago
10 minutes from Hobart GPO in a Hobart suburb., Hobart, Australia
25.03.2014 21:08
Posted by Wow_168
Hey Iween, I'm keen to get a nice treat and to be taught new tricks. Message me and we shall go from there
26.03.2014 03:22
Posted by sexycouple1818
Give me a text Irene love to catch up again
26.03.2014 15:46
Posted by tassieswingers
Thanks all for feedback on risky links to dropbox photos. The affect of steering people to risky links through communication on this website is permanent removal of access.
26.03.2014 15:47
Posted by tassieswingers
All users have the capacity to post photos on here and communicate for free.
26.03.2014 16:09
Posted by Starfan
Shame.. Hwr photos were quite sexy :P
26.03.2014 16:09
Posted by Starfan
26.03.2014 16:20
Posted by tassieswingers
Not everyone has the knowledge or ability to protect themselves from risky links. People mostly do not post them deliberately. We can't allow people to put others at risk in any circumstance. Not a good outcome for anyone.
26.03.2014 16:23
Posted by tassieswingers
There have been issues with our server this morning resulting in a restore of a drive. This has caused some loss of data for about 2 hours between 8am and 10am. Pretty sure we have fixed all data loss but if you are missing something posted in that time, let us know or just re post it.
26.03.2014 17:34
Posted by Starfan
Agreed, it's better for everyone :)
28.03.2014 04:00
Posted by fitcouple93
We are in launceston tomorrow night. We are pretty busy but would love a. Drink later on maybe :)
02.04.2014 03:45
Posted by hobartswingers
Launi drinks this Sat nite... who's coming?
02.04.2014 04:23
Posted by sexycouple1818
Friday night hottub kingston beach ?
02.04.2014 23:00
Posted by fitcouple93
anybody going to the sexpo?!
02.04.2014 23:22
Posted by tassieswingers
Everyone is going to Sexpo - tomorrow (Friday) night is the night to go.
02.04.2014 23:37
Posted by hobartswingers
we're going to sexpo... meet at customs at 7
03.04.2014 02:04
Posted by Starfan
Oh dear.. We are only going Saturday :(
03.04.2014 03:43
Posted by Iween1
Going to as expo twice haha. Diff ones to meet there!!
04.04.2014 05:34
Posted by tascple
We going sat night
04.04.2014 18:59
Posted by tassieswingers
There's some very sexy people at Sexpo !!
04.04.2014 22:24
Posted by playmates4you
Dam!! couldnt make it. Going to the meet & greet tonight in Launceston, anyone coming????
07.04.2014 02:38
Posted by tassieswingers
Sincere apologies for server failures and slowness over the last 2 weeks. Our sever provider has had many issues with the drives and memory on our server. All out of our control but we are aware of the issues
07.04.2014 02:43
Posted by tassieswingers
If anyone feels that they have the capacity and motivation to continue Tassieswingers with the same values and skill as the last 7 or 8 years then now is the time to put your hand up. We will continue the website until the current domain names and server subscriptions expire (about 18 months)
07.04.2014 02:43
Posted by tassieswingers
We wil be posting a news article of our values and original aims soon
08.04.2014 16:37
Posted by fitcouple93
Thanks for talking to us and teaching us some things tassie swingers :)
08.04.2014 16:38
Posted by fitcouple93
also we will most likely be in launie this weekend if anyone northern people want to send us a message :)
10.04.2014 23:28
Posted by Tassieguy67
who is up for some sexy fun tonight
12.04.2014 00:09
Posted by hobartswingers
Drinks tonight at the bird cage from 7.30
12.04.2014 04:23
Posted by sexycouple1818
Drinks would of been awesome. Working long days sucks :-(
16.04.2014 21:14
Posted by Wow_168
Looking for some pussy. Any out there??
16.04.2014 22:20
Posted by Bottomlytots
Somebody save me!! Teenage invasion at my place. I have to escape...
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